Whether you need one-on-one attention to get the most out of your path to wellness, or you thrive with a little group competition... our team programs and individual personal trainers are here to help you succeed!


Don’t let common swing faults, lack of flexibility or poor balance throw off your golf game! Instead let our customized Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness instructors create a golf specific workout for you.


At Muscles In Motion, our approach is all about YOU. Each workout is based on your goals, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. We are constantly assessing your movements and making adjustments to the exercises.

Change your body – change your life.

Whether you want to gain more strength and stamina, lose a few extra pounds, have more energy, or are training for a specific sport, Muscles in Motion's 30-Minute Total Body Workout is THE most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. Our science-based, low-impact training program is customized for every client to maximize results.

And since our workouts are 30-minutes, this is the perfect solution for the busy professional! Don’t wait any longer. Get moving and get healthy with Muscles in Motion gym in Lake Oswego!

Get your muscles in motion today – your health is worth it!

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