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Change your body – change your life.

Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds, have more energy, or are training for a specific sport, the Muscles in Motion High Intensity Training system is the most effective way to reach your health and fitness goals. Our science-based, low-impact, high intensity training gets amazing results in just two half-hour sessions a week! (This is the perfect exercise solution for busy professionals.)

Don’t wait any longer. Get moving and get healthy with Muscles in Motion. Our private personal training facility serves health and fitness seekers throughout the greater Portland, OR and Lake Oswego area.

Get your muscles in motion today – your health is worth it!


Get one-on-one attention to get the most out of your individual path to wellness. Our trainers will help motivate you and track your progress along the way. An introductory personal training workout is free and new clients receive a one-hour health and fitness consultation prior to hitting the fitness studio.


With one trainer to just three clients, our Small Group Training offers a fun and affordable option for getting the supervision and motivation you need to get healthy and fit. Peer pressure helps too, and working out with others is a blast!


Don't let common swing faults, lack of flexibility or poor balance throw off your golf game! Instead let our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Fitness instructors create a golf specific workout just for you. This program will have you hitting farther and with less pain in no time.


Massage can be a powerful ally in your healthcare and the benefits are doubly effective if taken in regular “doses.” Tranquil Therapeutic Massage, is conveniently located within Muscles in Motion, and offers relaxation, deep tissue and hot stone massage.



Upcoming Events

Women's Self-Defense Class STARTING JAN 5, 2013 for 6-weeks. $150.00 Call us for more details 503-699-6948.